Best places in San Diego for your engagement photoshoot

Your engagement shoot should take place in somewhere that’s special to you. Where do you and your partner enjoy spending the most time or have the best memories?  Below are some ideas for what I suggest are the top places for an engagement session in San Diego.

Guys, take note…the proposal is one of the most important moments in her life, it will be the story she gets asked about over and over, think about having a photographer there to secretly photograph it! 

But remember to think about the light, it’s so important, if it’s a surprise shoot and you want sunset, leave plenty of time, you need to ensure that you and the photographer are in the pre arranged spot, make allowances for you or your unknowing bride to be to get there on time, bear in mind there could be traffic and leave extra extra time, the sun will set quickly and you want to ensure everything’s lined up. You can always hang around or sit and enjoy your time together until the time is right.

  •  I know it the obvious but it’s GOT to be the beach. You’re surrounded by beautiful ones, if you’re not lucky enough to be from here it’s probably one of the reasons you moved to San Diego. Sunset cliffs, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, La Jolla, Coronado - you name it, theres one to suit everyone. Extra point if you can get up early for the best light and to avoid the crowds. 

and rocky edges give lots of hiding places to keep your photographer hidden…

  • Ramona’s grassland preserve, get that country on! There’s a hundred different stories you could tell the world here.
  • Balboa park, again go early if you can. Do you prefer all things green in your life, feel best surrounded by plants and flowers and some beautiful architecture? This might be the spot for you, plus from a photographer point of view, there’s amazing variety in the backgrounds and plenty of shade for soft lighting.
  • Scripps Pier, La Jolly for sunset or sunrise, scripps is the perfect place for those wanting to incorporate some striking architecture into their shoots.
  • Your home! What could be more personal than having a couple shoot in your house, or apartment? Added bonus is you’ll feel so relaxed.

  • The swinging bridge - ok I haven’t shot here yet, but here’s a selfie so you can get an idea, just because….
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