How to prepare for your photoshoot

1-3 months: Schedule your shoot, have a consultation with your photographer. How would you like to be shot? Is your focus on portrait, lifestyle or a fashion themed shoot. What images have you seen that you love? 

1 month to 1 week: Start thinking about clothing. Remember, the focus should be on you, not patterns that distract.  Avoid prints that are too loud or the eye will be drawn to the outfit and not to you, instead focus on textures, shapes and necklines for structure. Bring 5-6 outfits and be sure to include a very dark colour, a cream or light colour, something that’s flirty and casual, something that makes you feel sexy and elegant and if you have something flowey/whimiscal bonus points, anything fun to twirl around in!  Generally fitted clothes will work better than baggy clothes, if you bring a loose item bring a belt or pair it with something fitted to create shape. Don’t stress about shoes, most shots won’t have feet in them and barefoot looks great too :)

10- 14 days: Sleeeeeeep  Get into a routine for a least one week before your shoot but ideally two weeks.  Switch off those devices by 9pm and wind down to get your regular sleep pattern.  Your skin and eyes will be at their best. Collect pictures of shoots and poses you like, stalk pinterest and instagram and collect in an album on your phone, or in a scrapbook.

1 week: Moisturise daily and gently exfoliate limbs if you suffer from very dry skin. Wear sunscreen everyday up to your shoot or stay out of the sun.  

2-3 days: Have a pamper day - Get a manicure and pedicure or diy it (natural, neutral or subtle colours are best).  Wear a face mask/exfoliate, have your roots touched up, get your eyebrows waxed and remove body hair. A word about fake tan - try not to, pale skin works great, and looks much better than the could be orange ;) 

1 day before: Iron and prepare your clothes, lay them out and check they’re hair and wrinkle free and try them all on. Bring any sentimental jewellery pieces you may want in the shot. Get that last work out in or that pedi mani if you haven’t yet. Moisturise all over and go to bed early!

Day of: Come with clean hair, teeth and dress in a comfy outfit to arrive in - zip up hoodies or cardigans are great to avoid messing up freshly done hair and make up. Have your hair and make up done unless you’ve included it with your shoot and then come with clean skin and clean hair.  Eat something! Arrive with plenty of time.  Bring any favourite images you may have collected for inspiration.

You are unique, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, let me shoot the very best you - Louise Canton

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